How to become a Questrade Affiliate and earn passive income

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In this article I am going to teach you how to become a Questrade Affiliate and earn passive income. Its pretty straight forward, so lets get into it.

What is a Questrade affiliate?

An affiliate refers clients to Questrade and receives a small kickback or cut for their referral. Similar to other affiliate programs for other companies, all you need to do is signup, and send your referral links out to your audience.

How an affiliate is paid

As a Questrade affiliate, you are paid based on when customers who used your link, signup for the Questrade platform, and begin using the stock broker’s services.

Depending on your settings, you can be paid in two ways:

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) -$70 per referral – But there’s a catch. You get $70 ONLY if the referred client makes at least 10 qualified trades, or signs up for 1 month of Questwealth Portfolios.
  • Revenue Sharing Plan (RSP) – 7.5% – Endless earning potential. You get a 7.5% cut of the commissions that Questrade charges per trade, no limit. My Preference

Why do I prefer RSP? Well, imagine you just referred your buddy to Questrade. If you chose CPA, you’d get $70 after he made his 10 trades. If you chose RSP you might get $10 after he makes his first few trades. CPA might seem like the best deal right? Sure, if your buddy doesn’t trade often, CPA is better. But let’s say your buddy is a trading machine and makes 10+ trades a week, and uses the Questrade platform for years. You’ll quickly exceed the $70 cut that CPA would have given you as an affiliate and would be receiving an endless stream of commissions based on his/her usage for months/years to come.

How to become an affiliate?

When you signup as an affiliate, you are able to create advertisements and banners that contain your referral link. If that’s not your style, you are also able to give your referral link to anyone directly.

Referral link example:

Html Banners example:

In the questrade pro affiliate portal you are given access to tools that allow you to create embedded html banners for your own websites or mediums. Similar to this one below with many others to choose from.

The banner (similar to above) will specify your referral link and keep track of clicks/impressions. There are also tracking options that allow you are able to create ad channels and monitor your embedded content through the affiliate portal.

What your Referrals receive

Your referrals also benefit from using your link the following ways:

  • Self-directed customers receive $50 in commission-free trades
  • Questwealth Portfolios customers receive their first month FREE

What are you waiting for?

Become an affiliate today by signing up through this easy signup form. The approval process is quick. You can be off sharing your affiliate code in no time and be on your way to some passive income generation.

Disclaimer: I receive a small cut for referring you to the program if you use the links above. Thanks for supporting the blog!


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