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Cielo is the greenest company in the world producing renewable fuel

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July 30th 2020 : Cielo Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent to Licensor [of proprietary catalyst]

Who is Cielo Waste Solutions?

From Trash to Treasure – A New Approach to Renewable Fuel

Cielo Waste Solutions has developed a proven and patent-pending technology in conjunction with a related party, which will produce a high cetane, ultralow sulfur renewable diesel, kerosene and naphtha fuels. Feed stock for the refinery is the world’s most available and inexpensive feedstock of household, commercial and construction/demolition garbage, including feedstocks of Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”) and cellulosic materials such as wet organics (compost), all plastics, paper, tires, cardboard, sawdust and wood.

Cielo has an exclusive global license from a related party for a game-changing refining process (“the technology”) that can convert multiple different waste streams into renewable diesel at a considerably lower cost than biodiesel companies. Almost every developed country in the world has a mandate to blend renewable fuels, and Cielo will be selling into this growing market. The global applications of Cielo’s technology are enormous. – 2020

Trash in, fuel out; using garbage feed stock to produce fuel

According to a recent interview, through propriety means, Cielo produces fuel at a 4:1 ratio to garbage feed stocks, meaning for every 4 litres of garbage, 1 litre of fuel comes out the other side of the process. With the output being a mixture of diesel, napatha and kerosene. Learn more in depth details about the process here directly from Don the CEO.

Garbage feed stocks are free in many cases for Cielo, and municipal governments may even pay Cielo to take it off their hands. Cielo’s goal is to remove the need for landfills. With garbage feedstocks being endless, they won’t have an issue with limited supplies to produce fuel.

Curious how much waste the top 10 countries produce? See this article here from 2019 talking about the largest producers of garbage.

What types of garbage can Cielo take?

Basically take out anything of value, rock, metals, dirt that sort of thing and Cielo can take the rest. This includes things like plastics, and cellulose materials (wood, cloth etc).

Joint Venture (JV) : Renewable U Energy

Commercialization via building of new Refineries

Renewable U Energy has partnered with Cielo and has incorporated stand-alone companies to build JV Facilities with Cielo. The facilities are set to be built in territories encompassing Grande Prairie AB, Medicine Hat AB, and Lethbridge AB as well as in Nova Scotia.
See for updates on the different refineries.

Each refinery will be engineered to produce 4000 litres per hour (LPH) of diesel, napatha and kerosene. Running 23 hours a day, 351 days a year.

Basic math :
One Facility: 4000lph * 23h * 351d = 32.292,000 litres of product per year, per facility
Total: 161.460,000 litres of product per year

Keep in mind, the product is 3 different types of fuel. Diesel, Naphtha and Kerosene. At the time of writing, I am unsure on the ratios, but that sure is a lot of fuel.

Want to learn more about Cielo?

Stock Performance

Within the above chart, you’ll notice Cielo had a lot of interest during July 2018, this was when they had their public opening of their Aldersyde refinery. The stock climbed to a high around +0.25 cents a share.

As of writing this article, their stock price is sitting at 0.04 cents a share with above average volumes daily as people are buying and selling more then the avg amount of shares.

Cielo Waste Solutions: DD sources – Articles / Interviews:

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July 30th 2020 : Cielo Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent to Licensor [of proprietary catalyst]

June 18 2020: Cielo Waste Solutions eyes massive growth as the company looks to be profitable in the fall

Great interview. See my key quote highlights below:

“We’ve never found a plastic we can’t take. […] There are 7 types of plastic and we can take all of them.”

“We can take anything from a tree. That’s anything from your glossy flyer, to a newspaper, bark off the tree, to the tree itself. We’ve recently partnered with CP Rail to take their railroad ties.”

“Our goal here is to eliminate the need for a landfill”

“Even today in the down market, we are still able to make a nice return on our investment, because we are using waste as a feed-stock. Compared to our competitors who are producing bio-diesel using agricultural crops […] and oil from restaurants.

“We have been overwhelmed with opportunities throughout the world. […] we’ve actually increased the size of our commercial plants to accommodate the requirements.”

“Hopefully before Christmas [2020], we will double the size of [aldersyde] to 2000 litres an hour. 4:1 an hour of feed-stock [to fuel]. All our new plants will be 4000 litres an hour.”

“Goal is to have in the queue 40 plants [refineries] over the next 5 years, we are very busy”

“North America is the focus, but we are getting inquiries from around the world. […] Working with the Caribbean islands right now, [and] working in Europe”

“Patents pending in USA and Canada. Expecting those to be awarded to us in late summer (2020). World searches of our technology showed nothing exists that is commercial. No response from any company challenging our patents. Very confident we have a unique process.”

“We don’t burn anything, we don’t have emissions. We are one of the greenest refineries ever built in the world. Our waste streams are basically sulfur that can go into fertilizer. We have a little bit of water that goes back into our process. 8% waste stream. We have technology no one else has developed. Its been 15 years to get to this stage.”

“We have an opportunity to grow this company. 40 plants in the next 5 years. It only takes 10 plants to drive this thing [share price] to dollars. Its a penny stock today. Everybody is waiting for us to announce we are in positive revenue. We should see that by Fall [2020].”

“[last stages of commissioning our aldersyde plant]”

“There’s nothing stopping the company from growth. We’ve already signed [MOU] for the next 5 plants we are going to build. We’ve got a number we hope to announce in the next little while. Really I think this could be a billion dollar corporation in the next two or three years. Even in the downturn recession right now, we have an opportunity to make money. With the [fuel] prices today its impossible for our competition. We are pretty excited with the growth opportunity.” – Proactive Cielo Interview -June 18th 2020
* Some of the quotes are paraphrased a bit to provide clarity. Please watch the video yourself for to get a little more understanding of the conversation and context.

Click link above or listen to radio podcast below:

Aug 22, 2018 : 8020 Locking Horns segment with Don Allan, Founder & CEO of Cielo Waste Solutions

Aldersyde, AB CMC Refinery walkthrough – 2018

Feb 23rd 2017: Cielo’s History

Apr 14 2014: Cielo Waste Solutions (CSE: CMC) New Listing


Cielo Waste Solutions is on the cusp starting their commercial journey to becoming a commercial renewable fuel giant. Currently a penny stock on the CSE under stock ticker $ With their technology having never before been seen in the renewable fuel space, I believe that in the near future, Cielo will be turning a few heads.

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If you found any of the information useful please leave me a comment below and give me your thoughts. I’ll be sure to update this post regularly as I learn more information about Cielo as they continue to grow as a company. Cheers.

Disclaimer : I own shares in the company, and am not paid to promote it. All this information is my own due diligence that I’ve gathered from the various sources specified. I am not an investment advisor, I’m just wanting to share what I’ve learned.


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